Events of Jesus’ Life Before His Crucifixion

As Jesus and His disciples traveled throughout the area known as Caesarea Philippi, he performed many miracles. These miracles were a physical display of His power as God in the flesh. Since Jesus had been performing these miracles, such as healing a blind man, He wanted to know who the many people in the crowds thought He was.

Jesus asked His disciples traveling with Him. “Whom do men say that I am?” His disciples responded by saying, “People think you are Elijah, or John the Baptist come back in the flesh and some even think you’re a prophet.”

Jesus took His question one step further and asked His disciples directly, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter answered Him saying, “You are the Christ.” Why was Jesus interested in finding out what His disciples thought about Him. Jesus was preparing His disciples for the ultimately reality of His coming suffering and crucifixion.

Peter, the ever present vocalist for the group said to Jesus when he heard all this, “Lord may this never be.” Jesus rebuked him and said, “Get behind me Satan.” Peter at this point really didn’t understand that Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins.

So, being a Christian is to sincerely believe that Jesus is the Christ and that He died for our sins so that we might have life eternal in heaven. Our belief is based on our faith in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and has conquered death for all those who believe.

Next Sunday is Easter. A holy and highly celebrated holiday among Christ’s followers. As we approach this important day we will continue to look at some of the events prior to Christ’s crucifixion. Understanding these events will give us a firmer foundation in the belief that Jesus is the risen Savior and Christ.