Discover How to Handle Those Days When Nothing Works

“I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”—Philipians 4:13

Do you have days when it seems like nothing works? Your plans go awry; your job project gets canceled; and your car wouldn’t start in the morning. What a way to start the day. Or is it?

God waits for us to enter into His presence first thing in the morning. When we’ve spent time in His word and in prayer we come away from that time with a sense of peace that we can face and deal with just about anything the enemy will throw at us.

So, when your car doesn’t start in the morning you look at God and say thank you for the time we had together and the strength you’ve given me to deal with anything the world throws at me. Surprisingly, in some instances after telling God how you feel, you think to try once more in starting your car and it does.

I’m not saying that every time you have a problem or challenge and you pray about it you will get an immediate answer like in my example above. We’ve all experienced the “waiting” on God to answer our prayer. But, it’s what you say and do and how you act while waiting that encourages others to see that God is in your corner.

The devil waits for opportunities like the above to destroy our witness. When we buy into his emotional displays he has won. But, when we meditate on God’s word and react with calmness our witness to others is praise worthy.

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