Who Knows The Mind of God?

“Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has been his counselor?”— Romans 11:34 NIV

If it were not for the fact that God reveals His thoughts to us we would know nothing about them. God, however, does reveal things to us but He does not reveal everything to us. God is under no obligation to reveal the fullness of what He knows to us. Although the Bible reveals many things to us, it does not reveal everything. The Bible leaves many of our questions unanswered. Further, when God reveals personal things to us, plans for our future and the like, He does not reveal the complete picture. Who can say that they know God’s complete plan for their life?

Given that God is above His creation, and given that the mind of God is above the minds of people, one can see why faith and trust are such major themes in the Bible. Since we do not know all the answers, we must trust God. We must trust that what He has revealed is true and we must trust that what He has not revealed is in His hands.

Trust in the Lord, therefore, with all your heart.

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