Standing On The Side of Obedience

We will not compromise.

Are you tossed around like a wave by your attempts to honor God and simultaneously trying to live in the world to keep your friends happy? Going back and forth between the two can cause you great discomfort and mental pain. And, it will damage your reputation as a follower of Christ.

As Christians, we are tempted to compromise in order to avoid misunderstanding, criticism, rejection, or persecution. But as Christ’s followers, we are called to live a crucified life. When we compromise it undercuts the wholehearted nature of the crucifixion. We cannot pursue the acceptance of the world and at the same time follow the Lord. Until we stand with both feet on the side of obedience, we forfeit assurance of God’s peace and blessings.

Discipleship may seem costly to you, but think about Jesus’ blood spilling on the ground at the base of the cross as He sacrificed His life for you. Our reward is great because Jesus promises to confess us as His own before God when we enter our heavenly home.

Don’t shrink in hiding. Stand tall. Stand tough. Stand for Jesus Christ.

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