Unshakable In Our Faith

Our goal as believers is to become unshakable in our faith. Rock solid if you can. Peter and John didn’t flinch from their responsibility to proclaim salvation in Jesus’ name, even in the face of imprisonment and threats. Yet, we may wonder how we could ever endure persecution.

The truth is that in ourselves, we can’t do it. But we are never alone. When we stand for our convictions, God’s Spirit is always present in us. He gives us the physical, spiritual, mental, and moral strength to stand firm when we are tested and tried (Luke 12:11-12).

God wants His children to trust Him with the future; He doesn’t want you or me becoming panicky about what may lie ahead. But, if He ever calls you or me to suffer for Him, in that moment He’ll provide the grace we need in order to remain faithful.

Therefore, we know that God is good all the time and in Him we live and move and having our being. Without Him we can do nothing but through Him all things are possible which includes being unshakable in our faith.

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