Declining Church Attendance. Does It Matter To You?

The subject of church attendance can be nebulous and confusing. There are so many factors, both large and small, affecting why people are not attending church as often or at all. No doubt in God’s eyes this fact is distressing because God offered us one of the greatest gifts mankind could ever receive. A savior.

Does having a savior or being saved really matter to people in general? For those who are believers, this point can’t be understated. Being saved is a conscious choice and one that’s made clearly, objectively and personally by the believer. Spending eternity in heaven with the Lord transcends all other considerations of living a life without him.

So, why is attendance at churches declining? There are many reasons. The following are some of the reasons I discovered through my own research. This list is certainly not an exhaustive list but represents the major reasons I discovered.

1. People’s lives are busier.

2. Christians meet weekly with a small group and never or rarely go to church.

3. There are multiple expectations of mid-sized churches that they can’t meet such as programs, dynamic music, and quality youth ministries.

4. Established churches in decline are suffering from a leadership crisis.

5. The emptiness of yesterday’s sermon has got to become more relevant, especially in light of today’s young people searching for real truth.

Clearly, the future looks less than bright for the church in America; nevertheless, countless stories of transformed lives remind us that God is using, and wants to continue to use, Christian congregations to draw others to Him and strengthen believers for His work in a hurting world.

Where do you stand on this subject? Are you concerned or dependent on someone else to initiate change and make a difference? God examines every heart and is always looking for those who are believers that want to make a change.

Set out to make a difference today by talking to just one person about Jesus Christ. That interaction might be the only time they hear about Jesus and it could also effect their eternal destiny forever.

One thought on “Declining Church Attendance. Does It Matter To You?

  1. One more Russ. Affuent people tend to believe that they do not need God, and do not have time for Worship and followship. We are the most affluent people on earth. This kinda translates into too busy, which you mentioned. Regards Bennie.


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