Do You Have the Luxury of Attending Church & Sunday School?

Do you have the luxury of going to church and Sunday school on Sunday? If you are of the Jewish faith your worship is on Saturday. You might ask why I say luxury? It’s because our country guarantees us the right to worship any faith we want without interference from the government or other entities.

This freedom of worship is not so readily available in other countries around the world. In some countries, worshipers are beaten, tortured, punished and some put in jail. The extreme case would be death. In spite of the threats and restrictions, these believers gather together anyway to worship the Lord, Jesus Christ.

There will come a day when, as the bible says, all knees will bow to the powerful name of Jesus. What comes after that is indescribable. The outcome of not having a personal relationship with Jesus or even worshiping Him will be dealt with the day Jesus returns.

Why wait until then to find out your fate, which won’t be good if you don’t know Jesus. Take time today to confess your sins, repent and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You will be glad you did.

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