Loving God and His Armor

Loving God is as important as breathing. His love will permeate every corner of your being, if you let it. Resistance to His love is like wearing a suit of armor labeled “sin.” Nothing can penetrate it.

God’s word does talk about a different suit of armor. It’s called the “armor of God.” This spiritual armor protects you from the onslaught of the enemy and the lies and deception he throws your way. For a description of this armor, read Ephesians 6:10-18. An important thing to remember about this armor is that you need to put it on every single day. Not just the days you’re feeling vulnerable but everyday.

A specific tool that is part of this armor is the “sword of the spirit.” This necessary tool is one weapon in your arsenal to help you fight the enemy. The “sword of the spirit” is the bible. Without practice and without use, this weapon is no good to you because you won’t know how to get the most effectiveness from it.

Reading and studying God’s word on a daily basis is the foundation to good practice with your sword. Additionally, it keeps you on a personal, first name basis with the creator of the universe. And, ultimately it protects you from the devil who will stop at nothing to destroy you.

With this armor you stand a fighting chance. Without it you are totally naked and vulnerable to sin filled destruction. Put on the Whole Armor of God today. You’ll be glad you did.

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