When You Give Up Trying

There may be a time when you come to the end of your rope. There may be a time when whatever strength you had for the job at hand ceases to be available to you. You simply run out of gas. You were trying to make something happen in the power of your own strength and now that strength has simply evaporated. The ups and downs of the task have finally gotten to you and the vital resources necessary to take care of business have all dried up.

It’s not just the energy, however. Your heart is no longer in it either. You can’t make up your mind if your heart is no longer in it because you’ve run out of gas or if you’ve run out of gas because your heart is no longer in it. Either way, it doesn’t make much difference. Your flesh and your heart have failed and you’re ready to pack it in. There’s a big problem, though. You can’t just walk away. You made it happen and now it’s all up to you.

It’s at those times when we have given up trying to do things in our own strength and power that the Christian discovers the spiritual resources available that come from beyond. When we finally give up, God can take over. God can take the place He should have had from the beginning. God can give you the heart and strength you need to revitalize the task at hand, or He can show you the way out of the dead end you created into the task He really wanted you to do from the beginning.

It’s at those times that we as Christians discover that our portion does not come from ourselves or from this world at all. Our portion comes from above and it is worth more than anything there is on earth. Whatever may happen, whatever jams or dead ends we find ourselves in, we have a portion, a possession, a resource that can help us handle it all. Those who don’t know God have their portion here on earth, but our portion is God Himself.

If we have God, there is no need for whatever the world offers us.

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