Dark Agenda-The War to Destroy Christian America

I’ve been reading a book by David Horowitz titled, “Dark Agenda-The War to Destroy Christian America. What I’ve read so far is very disturbing. Many liberals, atheists and hate groups are doing everything in their power to remove the one freedom that built this great country. They are trying to eliminate the amendment of the Constitution that covers the establishment of official state religion and the free exercise of religious worship.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

For nearly 200 years, the two religion clauses in the First Amendment had been plainly understood by the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the American people: First, Congress could not establish an official state religion. Second, Congress could not prohibit the free exercise of religion. In all that time, there had never been any tension between the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause, because both clauses worked together to ensure maximum freedom of religion for all Americans.

Suddenly, in two decisions in 1962 and 1963, the Establishment clause was radically reinterpreted and the two religion clauses of the First Amendment collided head-on. In order for the Establishment Clause to mean what the Supreme Court now said it meant-that all prayer, all Bible reading and recitation, all reference to God was strictly forbidden in public school-the free exercise of religion had to give way.”

If something isn’t done soon we are going to be a lot like other communist nations that discourage or prevent the free practice of religious worship. Ladies and gentlemen, this blog is not all about politics or governmental intervention in our constitutional rights. This blog is all about Jesus Christ and His love for us. However we must do something.

It is my prayer that any and all readers of this blog contact their governmental representatives and express their concern about the direction our great country is taking. We are losing important freedoms at an alarming rate and it must be stopped. Now!

May God have mercy on this great nation by eliminating the evil forces that have been doing everything in their power to eliminate Him from our love and awareness.


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