God Has Not Forgotten About You

When we go through the trials, troubles, and tribulation of life there is always the temptation to think that God has forgotten us.

During such times, we tend to think that God is far away from us, that He does not really care for us, and that He has forgotten all about us. Although it may not seem like it at times, the message of Isaiah says that nothing could be further from the truth.

We are always before the eyes of the Lord. Although God may allow the trials, troubles, and tribulations of life into our lives, we should not draw the conclusion from this that He does not care about us and that He has forgotten about us. Indeed, “The LORD will lead you. He himself is with you. He will not fail you or leave you. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid!” (Deuteronomy 31:8).

God really cares about us. God has not forgotten us. He has the pictures of us to prove it.

Don’t Forfeit Your Eternal Rewards

But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then. Matthew 19:30

Jesus turned the world’s values upside down. Consider the most powerful or well-known people in our world. How many got where they are by being humble, self-effacing, and gentle? Not many! But in the life to come, the last will be first—if they got in last place by choosing to follow Jesus.

Don’t forfeit eternal rewards for temporary benefits. Be willing to make sacrifices now for greater rewards later. Be willing to accept human disapproval, while knowing that you have God’s approval.

Sunday – Father’s Day

Today is Sunday and Father’s Day. I normally write a post centered around Jesus, His love for us and how we should be devoted to Him and His word. But, today I will touch briefly on being a father.

In the beginning being a father was scary, difficult at times and occasionally very tiring. Today, as I look back over the years I realize I could have done a better job but I am human. I made some mistakes and I hope my children realize that I was trying to be the best father I could.

I can’t go back and change things. I can’t undo any hurts I may have caused my children. What I can do today is celebrate my fatherhood and also love my children as much as I can while I have breath in my lungs. I will hold them close in my heart and give them to our Lord who holds their eternal destiny in His wonderful hands.

I know today my children have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and for that I rejoice. May God bless them as well as all fathers around the world.

Happy Father’s Day.

Knowing The Power of Christ’s Resurrection

Do you want to know the power of Christ’s resurrection? To know the power of Christ’s resurrection does not refer primarily to the resurrection of our bodies that will occur when Christ returns, but to our spiritual resurrection from the deadness of sin into the life of righteousness through Christ. This resurrection power is a spiritual power that enables Christians to live and walk in newness of life in every area of life. We used to be spiritually dead, but now we are spiritually alive (Colossians 2:13).

You have not just been buried with Christ. You have also been raised with Him. Today, rise up through the newness of life you have in Him, no matter what comes your way.

Jesus’ Sacrifice Stands As Proof We Are of Infinite Value

Inevitably, basing your worth on people’s judgments and acts of love can have a “yo-yo” effect on self-image—it’s down, it’s up, it’s down again. Besides, no one can build an adequate collection of good opinions to substitute for God’s faithfulness and dedication to us. On the cross, Jesus Christ gave the only accurate measure of our significance: He considered every single person worth dying for. We can’t buy or earn God’s unconditional love. It is ours to receive with an open heart. Jesus’ sacrifice stands as proof that we are of infinite value to the Sovereign of the universe.

God desires to be our unlimited emotional resource. In fact, if our self-worth is based upon anything but Him, then it is unstable. A rock-solid self-image is rooted in the recognition of who we are in Christ—beloved, redeemed, and holy children. Nothing changes His opinion.

How Far Would You Go To Spread The “Good News?”

How far would you go to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ? A little way or a long way? Paul the apostle traveled over 10,000 miles in the days of his ministry. To put things in perspective, the distance Paul traveled would be equivalent to walking back and forth across the United States five times from New York to Los Angeles.

That’s quite an accomplishment when you think about it. What about you? Are you willing to walk next door to an unsaved neighbor’s house or even further? Paul talked about how blessed he was by carrying on with his duties to reach the unsaved. We can be blessed also and a blessing to others by loving the Lord enough to want to make sure everyone hears about Jesus’ atoning sacrificial death.

Don’t let fear be your guide that prevents you from sharing with others the “good news.” Fear is a tool of Satan. Listen to the Holy Spirit and he will not only guide you but give you the words to say at the right time that will have an impact on whoever you are talking to.

Step out. Take a chance. And then hear God say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Do You Have Feelings of Inferiority?

Early in his life, Charles Stanley experienced some feelings of inferiority. Because he struggled financially, his mother and he didn’t live in the “right” places, and he didn’t wear the “right” clothes. Even in school, he felt that he did not measure up academically to the other kids. The sense of failure and embarrassment at not being good enough was devastating to him.

The misery of inferiority is never what God intends for His children. Its seed usually takes root in the impressionable hearts of the young and thrives in an atmosphere of comparison. This kind of emotional baggage can have debilitating and enslaving ramifications in every area of life. Feelings of inadequacy may cause avoidance of healthy challenges; low self-esteem cripples personal relationships; and comparison steals contentment.

We need to understand how God sees us. Then, when feelings of inferiority come, we can cling to His accurate assessment rather than our own faulty one. He says we are His workmanship—His masterpieces. Each person is thoughtfully designed by the Creator for His purpose. The differences that cause us to make comparisons and feel discouraged are the very qualities that the Lord created to bring Him glory.

Feelings of inferiority are a hindrance to becoming the people that the heavenly Father designed us to be and a deterrent to fulfilling His purpose for our lives. When it comes to our value, we either accept the truth of His appraisal or decide not to believe Him and instead rely on our own feelings. What will your choice be?

Reprinted with permission | Charles Stanley | In Touch Ministries